Saree as everyday wear? If you wear it the proper manner it is a convenient dress. The trick is knowing how to drape it to fit your convenience. And no other dress can be as elegant and as pretty as a saree. Well, here are some helpful tips for choosing to wear sarees everyday.


To wear regular sarees we should consider the style as it is a essential part since we wear for a longer time. There are different styles such as Gujarati style, Bengali style and Kerala style which look fancy, however it is not great to carry for the whole day. It is better you choose usual draping.

Always give as less pleats as you can, as it is often difficult to handle them when the number of pleats is more. It is good to give wide pleats so there are less pleats which is comfortable to manage. If it comes to pallu draping choose how you like it. It can be pleated and pinned or else thrown free. Everybody has your own choice and it is up to you to choose on it. Also the trick is to make the pallu ‘s length to your convenience.


In its convenience the saree’s fabric plays a key role. You won’t be wearing a heavy silk saree to work daily. If you want to wear them everyday, light weight sarees such as handloom sarees, chiffon saree, linen saree, georgette saree, cotton saree are your best choice.

The blouse should always be convenient to move your hands in all sorts of ways. To reduce discomfort, don’t opt for heavy or fancy or blouses along with everyday wear sarees. Even skip satin sarees as they are uncomfortable and slippery to walk around all day. It goes without saying that net and velvet sarees are not suitable for the daily wear  sarees as they are dazzling and seem to generate heat.

How to maintain a everyday wear saree 

Regular sarees are easy to handle rather than the silk sarees that you have kept separate  particularly for specific celebrations. They are easy as it is just need to wash, dry cleaning and ironing. Get the right accessories to go with your everyday saree wear. Underneath the saree a petticoat is mandatory . Use a very convenient petticoat of the perfect size and height to tie it as tight as you want . Ensure you are able to move around and sit for a longer period.

After which come the safety pins. Using minimum of it and know how many you have used so that at the end of the day you can get them all back without losing any. A total of three pins is all you need to keep the saree secure. Ensure to take a few pins handy so if your saree mess up you could do some easy fix. As well as in the pleats area, you can  use a saree pin to align and maintain the pleats secure.

While you wear your sarees everyday you can also maintain them , as they seem to get easily old. The safest way to clean them is by dry wash and ironing. Except if you are washing it at your home but should not use brush. Mild wash is fine with a gentle detergent. Dry them in shade and keep in a cool, dry place. This is how easy and convenient wearing a saree every day.

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