These days Indians are pretty much westernized but because of wedding saree we are keeping its prices position in form of traditional and trendy wear. Saree still has a mystical value. As all know that Indian wedding Sarees have such a significant role in Indian culture. Get some useful tips to take care of your costly wedding silk sarees.

Tips to take care your Wedding Silk Sarees

These are some of the recommendations which will allow you to take care of your expensive wedding sarees.

  • Give good care for the silk sarees

Silk sarees are a special breed, so storing and maintaining it takes on a different way. Silk sarees cannot be put on steel hangers but should be kept in a cool place. Also, you can fold and wrap it in a cotton bag and keep it separate.

In addition, the use of silica gels will also aid to maintain from any moisture which could impact the saree. It is always better to put a silica gel with a silk saree to escape moisture and any fungal development in the saree.

  • On a regular basis re-fold the saree

Sarees provide a unique texture and pattern in order to have them for years, it is always best that you do a regular refolding of zari. All you need to do is to get your saree out of the cupboard and let it remain in the mild sunlight for a couple of hours. Doing so will make your saree not have any smell or bacterial attacks.

However, before doing so, alter the fold of the saree to avoid any permanent creasing which may exist on the saree material and to stop any zari breakage.

  • Washing the saree with care

Don’t use washing machine to wash your expensive sarees as they often coarse the fabric and ruin it. Use the saltwater combination first to clean the saree, as this will help the color of the saree to be preserved and maintained for a long time. And for silk or zari embroidery saree, it’s wise to give for dry cleaning.

These sarees always need more care than others, so they can use dry cleaning for best results. As well, must not squeeze the fabric as much as it could damage the saree fabric.

  • Recapture the shine of the silk

Silk sarees will begin to lose their shine over time, but a nice little care could bring it back in. You can try to wash the saree with a one-fourth cup of vinegar and water. Use distilled vinegar to get better results.

Such a way, the gone shine of the silk saree will be back and you can love your saree again. Often, ensure you wash off fully as if being not rinsed correctly, then the fabric may be harmed.

  • How to take off the stains

This might seem like one of the hardest tasks around and it wasn’t so if you were to implement a few easy care method. Saree stains are very common these days. You may wear it for a party and notice a mark of stain. Don’t panic on it as we can remove the stain quite easy.

Simply try to run your saree under cold water, as it’s going to clean the stain pretty much easy. Though it can only work with mild stains. For deeper and larger stains, consider using a mild soap to help clean it. And if the stain is oily it is recommended that you first use a bit of talcum powder to make the stain dry, and then you can wash it easily.

Hope these suggestions will assist you take care of your wedding saree and maintain it for a long time.

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