India is a country with a plentiful collection of natural fibers that represent our cultural history. It is the source of some of the best fabrics in the nation. Among the various types of silks, the tussar is known as the queen of silks. This allows wearing tussar silk is more convenient for all women and is a must-have fabric in every woman’s closet.

It is made in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Tussar silk is valued according to its natural gold color and rich texture. Tussar silks are also produced into other dresses like Kurtas, dupattas and tops. Tussar silk is produced from silkworms that nourish on the leaves of the trees Arjun, Sal and Saja. Tussar silk is also known as Wild Silk. Tussar silk is made from the silk moths of the Antheraea mylitta species. These silk moths, when boiled, produce naturally golden threads. The cocoons of the silk moths are oval in shape and single-shelled. Cocoons boiling is the most significant part of the production of silk. This makes it easier to remove the silk.

The Tussar silk saree has a wonderfully detailed classic style. The delicate and absorbent features of saree stay comfortable to wear in the humid and hot weather. There is a vast array of exclusive designs overloaded in the market for special occasions, parties, family functions that allow people with confidence. It is easier to drape and wear a saree. Famous designers have explored these kinds of fabric of tussar silk sarees.

To retain its elegance intact, Tussar silk must be preserved. Dry cleaning tussar silk is a great way to take care of this rich fabric. If you are washing the tussar saree at home, never squeeze the extra water out of the saree. Always dry the saree in the shade, as the color will dull if it is dried outside under the sun. Never use any chemical bleach. Use mild washing liquid and cold water to maintain the durability and quality of stunning tussar silks.

It is good to wear delicate layers of stunning tussar silk as you walk out of your home. Love the feeling of layers and layers of golden silk, pure embracing your body expertly, as this matte finish of tussar silk brings your dressing style to a spectacular level. Show off your saree and let everyone at the party be stunned at your excellent choice of extremely amazing Tussar Silk Sarees to beautify your special occasion.

Purchasing tussar silk sarees provides an option to check each saree individually, select your favorite from a vast stock. Though each and every saree is designed with the preference of the wearer in mind, it is a great comfort while wearing for all occasions.

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