In our Indian culture the Mehndi celebration is considered very important. It is one of the oldest wedding traditions which has for ever been part of Indian weddings.

Importance of applying Mehndi

Well besides giving the color to the hands, mehndi is a very great medicinal herb. Weddings are tiring so stress  creates fevers and headaches . As the wedding day gets closer the mixed feeling filled with nervous anticipation can put strain on the bride and groom. Applying Mehndi can protect excessive stress as it cools the body and keeps the nerves from getting stressed.

That is why mehndi is applied to the bride’s hands and feet. Mehndi is also a highly antiseptic agent and can prevent the couple from viral infections. These illnesses are absolutely unwelcome close to the wedding and this medicinal herb will provide a powerful shield. Certain scratches, small cuts or burns that the couple may maintain in the course of  many ceremonies and rituals can easily be cured with mehndi application. It enhances the circulation of blood within the body and improves general health. In ancient times the initial practice of applying mehndi started to safeguard the couple and to keep them healthy.

Mehndi is not just a regular paste of mehndi powder and water, added during Indian weddings. They are incorporated with a few drops of lemon, a little bit of clove oil and eucalyptus oil. These oils help to darken the color on the body and also improve mehndi’s benefits and make the paste extremely medicinal.

Mehndi Traditions

Mehndi has been so rooted in Indian culture over the period that nowadays the mehndi ceremony is one of the primary wedding celebrations. A member of the family, mehndi artist may apply mehndi to the bride’s palms and feet. Detailed designs with a cone filled with mehndi are drawn on hands. Each woman put mehndi on her hands and feet . The whole mehndi ceremony is greatly colorful and festive . The mehndi celebration is held at the house of the bride, which usually takes place a few days before the wedding. It is a nighttime celebration joined by loved ones, entertainment, music, fun and food. The mehndi designs have made a huge  transformation over the years. Arabic styles and glitter have been a big part of bridal mehndi designs. Brides write the name of the groom on their hands too.

The groom’s mehndi ceremony is conducted separately on his house. At the time of the mehndi application, the bride and groom are usually not dressed up in detail  and their outfits are very simple. The bride’s female relatives, particularly her sisters, go to the groom’s ceremony once the mehndi for the bride is over. It’s super fun as the sister-in – law plays tricks on their future brother-in – law and as a practice they try to get some money from him! To both families this is a very happy day. The ceremony is distinguished by traditional music and songs, from start to end.

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