Kurtas and Kurtis is a clothing that has spread beyond the Indian borders and evolved through the years to meet the fashion world’s growing demands. The Salwar-Kurtis-Dupatta get-up involves a long top, usually knee-length, combined with Salwar or Churidar and Dupatta.

Origin and History:

Look back to the beginning of the 19th century, Kurta became famous as a lot of artists, poets and scholars were popular for wearing this garment. Contrary to the different styles and shapes that were found today, this Indian Kurtis used to be very plain with hardly any decorated designs.Cotton, Silk, was the most common fabric used for making Kurtas only for special events and people of a higher social standing and income.

The Kurtas have been one of the traditional costumes for men and women living in countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and even Sri Lanka since its development in ancient times. Not long after that, this outfit became a regular attire and daily attraction for women known as Kurtis since this type of clothing only used by men who lived in these countries.

The interesting fact about the Kurtis outfit is that it was not limited to any state or region, unlike other types of clothing with a defined identity; it was a common form of clothing followed by people living in different areas.

The hippie movement often brought this robe dress tremendous success and considerable visibility in the 1960s and 1970s, when people wore such casual, easy parts to show their lifestyle view and confident character.

Style and Varieties:

For a western look, women are wearing Kurtis with custom churidar or salwar or an Indo-West vibes like jeans. Usually men wear ‘ Pajama ‘ kurtas for a simple appearance feel.

These are available in all sorts of designs, from short to long pasturing, from hand-printed to extremely beautiful. For each case, there is a Kurtas. Whether you want to go for a heavily broken kurtas or a casual one with solid colors or prints, you can find a piece for every person. There is no end to variation when we think about designs, enrichment, and fabrics that go into making a Kurtas.


One considers warmth when one thinks of Kurtis. What makes the Kurtis a type of clothing that everyone loves is the high comfort factor. Kurtis is a flexible sweater that can be made to fit any season or occasion. Owing to its effortless design and comfort level, Cotton Kurtis is in everybody’s ‘ to get and wear ‘ list during the harsh Indian summers. Likewise, kurtas from Woollen are also worn in winter.


The kurtas also saw different faces of unmatched innovation and development in the fashion industry techniques. Nowadays, Kurtis can be selected with modern art designs that are different from the traditional ones. Initially, a Kurtis was worn only over an Indian pants form called ‘ Pajama, ‘ but nowadays the younger generation often teams up with jeans and leggings with the Kurtas or Kurtis. Collars, stonework and tie dye are some of the most common kurtas styles.

Occasion Dressing:

A Silk Kurtis with heavy embroidery is a wonderful choice for a wedding or a party where Indian heritage can be portrayed in a subtle but distinct way. Cotton or Khadi, on the other hand, are ideal for office or everyday wearing.


If worn with Silver or chunky Gold jewelry, a Kurtis outfit looks beautiful. Long drop earrings or heavy Silver bracelets add to a Kurtas the extra charm and make it look elegant and sophisticated.

Global wear-ability:

Kurtas and Kurtis outfit has become a popular form of clothing not only in India, but also in countries around the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and the Middle East. From the younger to the older generations, for their comfort and style, for their have made themselves an outstanding place in the hearts of all.



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