Several countries face major lockdowns because of the coronavirus outbreak. When staying at home regular excerising will help you stay healthy during quarantine. Keeping active is great for your mind, health and spirit particularly in stressful situations. At this time it’s important to do physical activities to stay fit. More physical activity would also assure better sleep and overall good health. Exercising physical activity together will enable you and your family to maintain good health. 

Here are some tips to follow on how to stay active at home during lockdown  :

Dance to music

Dancing is a fun and exciting activity. It is full of enjoyment. All you have to do is just play your favorite music and dance. It will help you lose calories and at the same moment, you’ll enjoy it.

Try online exercise classes

You can easily find workout videos. It will take 30 minutes to complete a high-intensity workout. Staying healthy and sticking to your workout routine is a perfect way to maintain fitness. Often, many fitness experts share day-to-day health and workout videos to inspire you to stay healthy.

Try skipping rope

Skipping rope is one easy exercise not requiring many resources. One simple skipping rope is appropriate for your whole body workout. One of the most common activities you can do at home is jumping rope.

Play active video games

Video games will help you get physical activity in your schedule. Play video games where physical exercise is involved. Many would enjoy this physical activity. With this approach you will be losing calories and be active. 

Social Connection 

During lockdown we can’t go outside to meet friends so it’s good to have face to face interaction with people we love. Try connecting them with video calls. Take them on a virtual walk or show them some activity which you have done like craft or drawing. Keep engaging with good quality time.

Calming Activities

This is the perfect time to do these activities like gardening, cooking, puzzles, craft, sewing, meditating, reading books. 

Good Sleep

Like working , eating and exercise schedules, maintaining a daily sleep routine is important. People require six to nine hours of good sleep at night. Going to bed and waking up at the correct time each day will help you retain a sense of normality, and allow you to plan ahead and be active.

Eat Healthy Foods

As no vaccines we cannot eliminate our risk of contracting coronavirus. Eating healthy food is important for our physical health and well- being. Healthy diet has been shown to reduce our risk of the virus.Consume a balanced diet which is high in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, as well as fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Bollywood Fashion urges all our customers to stay safe this lockdown period and always wash or sanitize your hands. We will come over this pandemic. The health and well-being of our customers is important to us. All we need is to adhere to the necessary precautions.Stay Safe! Stay Home!

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