In today’s hectic life we are often seeking the simplest way to achieve a task and the task of preserving your sarees is no less different. This is why we sorted to share some simple helpful tips for preserving your different types of sarees.

How to preserve your cotton sarees

  • When washing your cotton saree during the first wash, be sure to dip the saree in regular water for 30 minutes to an hour, along with table salt. It would assure that any additional color that the fabric does not absorb bleeds out thus locking the fabric ‘s existing color. Do not worry if you see that the water is changing color. It is the extra color that the fabric can’t absorb in any case. This will keep the saree from bleeding color in later washing.
  • Choose a mild detergent to wash your cotton sarees, and stop washing your cotton sarees with hot water.
  • Every time make sure you wash dark colored sarees separately to prevent the risk of smudging your other clothes.
  • Some cotton sarees get best worn if starched lightly. Those sarees can be starched to your preference. Also, make sure they right away put to dry after starching.
  • Never twist the saree hard. Let the excess water drain away by hanging the saree lightly.
  • It is always good to dry your cotton saree in a shaded place and prevent direct sunlight.
  • Cotton sarees must always be steam-ironed according to the proper cotton temperature setting.
  • Keep your cotton sarees in a dry, dark closet that is free of moisture.

How to preserve your linen sarees

  • Same as cotton sarees, linen sarees do require pre-wash care to protect the colors before the first wash. Dip your linen saree in regular water, combined with table salt, for 10-15 minutes.
  • Always choose mild liquid detergent in regular water to wash your linen saree. It is good to wash the dark color sarees separately.
  • Do not brush your linen saree. By brushing these will lose its natural softness.
  • Never twist saree as the linen has no stretch and if twisted hard the fibers can be ripped.
  • Put your saree away from direct sunlight and always dry your linen saree under shade.
  • Stop hanging linen sarees for drying. You could then spread the saree over a plain surface as it dries out in the air pretty fast.
  • Because linen has no stretch, frequent folding of the sarees from the same fold may result in the fabric being torn over a period. Leave the saree folded gently or put it in a hanger.
  • Linen sarees can better be pressed in mild wet conditions. As directed when pressing use the right temperature setting. The linen fabric generally requires a high temperature for ironing.
  • Keep your linen sarees away from the sunlight but in a damp-free place.

How to remove stains from your sarees

  • For moderate stains wash the area right away with cold water.
  • It is always good practice to have the saree dry cleaned for tougher stains. In this situation, it is best to try pre-wash care.
  • For oil stains, you may use some talcum powder to spray and keep it for a certain time until the powder soaks all the oil. Then gently clean and wash it off.
  • For stains on white sarees (such as ketchup, turmeric, etc) wet the stained region and then apply some thick coat of white toothpaste on both sides of the cloth. Wash out the toothpaste until it finally dries off. If there is still a lighter stain, then you can repeat the same procedure.

Follow the above simple tips to preserve and take care of your sarees with utmost love and tenderness.

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