We can’t have variety of jewels for our ethnic outfit but we can get some unique collection which could be matched with all our Indian looks. Each women in her wardrobe has some ethnic accessories. Apparently we can not match our Indian look with the same old western jewelry. And we have seen our mothers buy awesome ethnic jewelry which are difficult to forget. For all occasions we like to buy traditional jewelry to match our outfit. So no outfit is complete without the right accessories to match. This is one of the reasons you need to build your collection of ethnic jewelry if you have not already done so it is the right time to get it. List of ethnic jewelry every women needs in her wardrobe.


Jhumkas is the best and most coolest piece of jewelry all woman like to wear. A good pair of bigger jhumkas will enhance your appearance like none other. Buy a imitation kundan jhumkas, gold and silver colored jkumkas which will suit all your ethnic outfit. Wearing the perfect pair of jhumkas, you may look stunning.


A chandbali is one of the prettiest earring collection any woman wants. It can match for all ethnic outfit. If you do not want to wear a necklace, this is the ideal earring. Buy a imitation Kundan chandbali and an oxidized chandbali to match your ethnic outfit.

Bangles or Bracelet 

If your hands are empty you can’t have a feel of total tradition. Each traditional look for a woman requires a beautiful set of bangles and an ethnic bracelet. It is incomplete if your hands are empty without the bangles or bracelet.  You can choose a multi-purpose set of bangles in gold or silver and as well as bracelets to go with your look if you are interested in bangles. Also, each woman needs to buy a collection of Kundan bangles or bracelets to have a beautiful look.

Nose Ring

If you have a pierced nose you can buy a nice quality  nose ring in gold and silver for any occasion. And if you don’t have a piercing yet you can get a fancy nose rings according to your comfort and ease in a clip-on or a press type nose rings.

Maang Tika

While it may sound like too much, a maang tika can add value and make for an excellent piece for your stunning look. You need to buy a pretty maang tika as it takes your traditional outfit up to the next level.


To have an Indian feel necklace is very essential for every woman . Your outfit may sound imperfect and boring if you are not putting necklace in your neck and try not to avoid it.  It is always good to focus on the neck piece. So it is perfect to wear a neckpiece to match our ethnic outfit. This will keep you going out without any difficulties. Perhaps the ideal piece for your wardrobe is to buy an oxidized choker neckpiece and imitation kundan choker neckpiece.

Bollywood Fashion bring you the trendiest and most exclusive collections to your wardrobe. We create spellbinding women’s jewelry earrings, necklace, bangles, bracelets and much more. It is a fusion of ethnic charm and contemporary fashion which makes for a brilliant blend of unforgettable ladies jewelry. We are now available in Shopee. Keep Shopping and Stay Safe!

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